Bek Palmer


Waiting For Godot

London Classic Theatre

model Estragon costume COLOUR Vladimir costume COLOUR Pozzo costume COLOUR SB-Godot-071 SB-Godot-182 SB-Godot-140 SB-Godot-051 SB-Godot-024 SB-Godot-144 SB-Godot-005

"...four trees, each spectacularly suspended from the sky to show their roots; a clever twist on the obvious... Her black bog has swamped the stage and she’s given the characters a series of wooden stepping-stones to navigate their way across it. With one stroke of genius she has added an almost balletic choreography to the action…"


"The evocative setting by designer Bek Palmer resembles a swamp-like wasteland... surrounded by a maze of stepping stones which allow the characters to cross this intriguing no man’s land."

The Stage



"Costumes were excellent..."

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